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The Story
Act One   Act Two
“The Wall” is the story of Daniel “Pink” Floyd, an enormously popular American rock musician on the verge of coming face to face with his own worst fears.  Pink's life had been marred by personal tragedy and graced by personal success.  But the more successful he became, the more Pink withdrew.  It is the story of an artist's alienation and self-imposed exile from his fans, everyone and everything he loves, and ultimately himself.

 Act I

In The Flesh?
(Pink's Alter Ego, Surrogate Band)

Sound Check before a sold out show at New York's Madison Square Garden.  November 9,1989.  Pink retreats to his hotel room to wait for the show.  He begins to self-medicate and reflects on his life.  

The Thin Ice
(Mother, Voices)

Another Brick in the Wall, Part One
(Pink's Alter Ego, Voices)

1961-1968.  Stories told by his mother are Pink's only memories of his father, Hunter Floyd, who was killed by a sniper during the Vietnam War.  Pink's mother had lost her father in World War II.  To maintain her own sanity she obsessively protects Pink.  A young Pink becomes enamored by war.

The Happiest Days of Our Lives
(Pink's Alter Ego, Voices)

Another Brick in the Wall, Part II
(School Master, Pink, Voices)

1968-1975. Pink's hollow experiences in military school drive him further into himself.  He buys a guitar (to punish his Ma) and learns to play.

(Mother, Voices)

1976-1980. A childhood disease nearly ends Pink's life, and as a result he constantly finds himself wondering why he was spared.  The guitar provides escape from Pink's “turns,” his sometimes violent mood swings.  He meets his future wife, but from almost the beginning Pink pulls away.

Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces / What Shall We Do Now
(Pink's Alter Ego, Voices)

1981-1984. Pink begins to taste success, but the shallow rewards aren't what he dreamed they were.  Money, it seems, can create more problems than it solves.

Young Lust
(Pink, Voices, Surrogate Band)

Pink's first number one hit, performed live.     A phone call home verifies Pink isn't the only one who has been unfaithful.  

One of My Turns

Pink imagines the fan he brought to the hotel is his wife.  Engulfed in rage he tries to capture and torture the terrified fan.  She barely escapes, leaving Pink alone.

Don't Leave Me Now
(Pink, Voices)

Pink retreats further into his mind.  He cries out to his wife, but realizes she's never coming back.  

Another Brick in the Wall, Part III
(Pink, Voices)

Goodbye Cruel World

Pink decides that he can't be spared from death any longer.  He sips what he hopes is a fatal cocktail and sleeps…

 Act II

Hey You
(Pink, Voices)

Is There Anybody Out There
(Pink, Voices)

Nobody Home     

Pink finds solace in his solitude.  As he slips further he thinks again of his wife.  Then the mother and the father he never knew.  He imagines his life is finally over.

(Mother, Voices)

Bring the Boys Back Home

Comfortably Numb
(Doctor, Pink's Alter Ego)

With only minutes left before the sold-out show the manager returns to find Pink near death.  A trusted doctor injects him with a pinprick to keep him going through the show.

The Show Must Go On
(Pink's Alter Ego, Voices)

In the Flesh
On the Run
Waiting for the Worms
(Pink, Voices, Surrogate Band)

November 9, 1989. During the show Pink becomes everything he hates most.  The more he openly despises the audience, the more they seem to love him.  


The Trial
(Prosecutor, School Master, Wife, Mother, Judge, Pink, Voices)

All the characters from Pink's life reemerge for a trial inside his mind.  His alter ego stands in judgment, and the sentence is clear: Tear Down the Wall!!

Outside the Wall
(Pink, Voices)