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Nicolae Muntean (Driver)
Nick is flattered to be able to say this is his second John Jansen/Green Mill Filmworks production ... He also played (Killer)in the soon to be released "Modern Knife". He looks forward to continuing his string of nameless characters in future Jansen productions...though he admits, he would settle for a named one if need be.

Nick got his start in acting at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with productions of "Twelfth Night", "Waiting For Godot" and Larry Shue's "The Foreigner". Upon moving to California in 1988, he acted like a salesman for two years, then returned school to pursue a Dramatic Arts education. He was a founding member of the Foothill College Theater Conservatory Program in Los Altos Hills, California and has since done numerous theater productions at Foothill and throughout the Bay Area. His favorite roles to date include two of his most recent, Hank the Sheriff in City Lights Theater Co. of San Jose's production of "Resident Alien" and The Gravedigger and Player King in Bus Barn Stage Co.'s "Hamlet", where he also played Marcellus and Osric. Some relic favorite roles include Owen Musser in "The Foreigner", Balthazar in Tom Gough's Disco version of "Comedy of Errors", Oliver in "As You Like It" and Castillo in Bus Barn's "The Happy Hunter".

Nick looks forward to continuing his pursuits in the arts...whether it be on stage, on camera, behind a camera or a harmonica...or, oh yes let's not forget, in a kitchen.