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Mark Paniagua (Mark)
MARK is a San Francisco Bay Area native and lifetime resident. His acting credits include: ANNAS in BUZZ production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" (DNA, Bay Area run) and "DJ Christ Superstar" (played at 1999 Burning Man Festival) MARK in Green Mill Production of "modern knife" **NOTE: "Mark" is a reoccuring character in both "modern knife" and "mainly ETC." DR. EVERETT SCOTT in forthcoming BUZZ production of "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

As a musician Mark has been active in bands since the age of 13, playing a variety of instruments. He performs around Bay Area with a number of different musical projects such as: Ringchildren and Fuzzbucket.  He is also a working studio musician and can be heard on a number of commercial and studio projects including Bionic.  Mark's solo project, RocketHorse, will debut this summer via self-owned entertainment company Screaming Cat Productions. Contact: