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Michael Stevens (Jared)
Michael Stevens has been acting off and on (more off than on) since 1986.  He grew up in Houston, Texas where he was active in his high school theater department, and eventually went on to the University of Texas at Austin and, later, to Stephen F. Austin State University where he pursued theater and various other mischief.  After completing his second tour of duty in college and receiving his BA in English from the University of Houston, Michael relocated to sunny California to pursue the love of his life and the perfect tan.  Due to some fine print in the contract he signed in blood in 1987, he was, uh, persuaded to join in the Jansen production of mainly ETC.  The experience was unforgettable and rewarding, or at least that's what his therapist is working with him to believe.  Michael currently resides in San Mateo with his fiance, their two cats, and suffers from constant flashbacks involving RVs, skateboarding accidents, and sleep deprivation.