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Frequently Asked Questions

How long did it take to shoot?
27 days during August-October 1999, with 3 days of pick-up shots in 2000.

How much did it cost to make?
About $1,000 for production costs (blank tapes, misc. supplies) The vehicle rentals and gas to drive to Seattle (and back) cost about $2,000. All actors and crew worked for free.

Was it shot on location?
Yes. Every location in the film is real, no studios were used, besides the scene in the music studio. All locations in the film were donated for free use.

When did the project originate?
1994. The weekend the news of Kurt Cobain's suicide spread across the world. The outline and first 30 pages were written that weekend, with a first draft script of 175 pages completed in 1996.

How large was the crew?
The film was made with John Jansen acting as a one-man crew, with extra help from people willing to push the dolly in selected scenes.

How long was post-production?
The Assembly Cut was finished in December 1999 and ran 3hr20m. The First Cut was shown in February and ran 2hr30m. The Second Cut was shown in April and ran 2hr15m. The Final Cut was finished in August and currently runs 2hr8m. **Between the Second and Final Cut, three new scenes were shot, plus an additional 20 minutes of old footage was added to the film.

Where did the actors come from?
Several are graduates of the Foothill Conservatory Program in Los Altos. Others are friends, co-workers and anyone else willing to work for free.

Did you really drive to Seattle?
YES.  We left on Friday, September 24, 1999 with the RV, the Mustang, and a pair of walkie talkies.  After getting pulled over and sited by the California Highway Patrol we drove through the night to Aberdeen to meet Dave Perkinson (BOBBY) by 11 AM Saturday. Then it was off to Renton for the shots at Jimi Hendrix's grave, and finally Seattle for the vigil.  About 2AM we found the campground, and at 9AM Sunday we began the trip home.  We rolled back into SF at 4:30 AM Monday.  A long strange trip indeed...

Is that really video footage from the actual Kurt Cobain vigil?
NO. It was from a similar vigil for rock promoter Bill Graham in 1991.

Who is the Driver supposed to be?
He's not anyone famous, but someone who came close, then just faded away.