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Green Mill Filmworks


Green Mill Filmworks
959 Rich Ave. #13
Mountain View, CA

New releases:

"mainly ETC." (2001) Color/127 minutes

Special Edition VHS Includes the film, deleted scenes, outtakes, trailers and Bonus Tracks.

"Jesus Christ Superstar" (2001) Color/100 minutes
Live performance of the Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice rock opera...that puts the ROCK back into rock opera. Kirk Hammet of Metallica put it best, "This Kicks Ass".

"The Rocky Horror Show" (2000) Color/90 minutes
Live club performance of Richard O'Brian's cult classic rock musical.

"A John Jansen Anthology" Color/B&W/ 110 minutes
A collection of short films, documentaries, commercials, music pictures, promos, live performance and experimental film work. Includes "Cycles", "Birthright", "Substitutes EPK", "Habanero 2001", "modern knife" preview and more...